The MES Requiem venue in Kansas City

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For the Kansas City domain, please see our wiki.

There is more crowd-sourced material on the wiki for the venue.

For Addenda and national settings material, please see the national site.

Our site is the Mt. Washington Masonic Lodge, please use the rear door for the game space. Games are held 2nd and 4th Saturday starting at 7pm, with the Accord venue before Requiem each weekend.

VST contact: requiem (at)
Downtimes go to: requiem.downtimes (at)
Sheets go to: requiem.sheets (at)
Storytellers only: (at)

Sanctioned lists:

Current kindred bane focus:
  • (unannounced): Sep-14, Oct-14
  • Short Nights: Jul-14, Aug-14 - everyone is treated as if they had one less Resolve, but no lower than one. Merits & effects that let you operate during the daylight hours and give you a downtime action negate this effect and still give you the full effects of the Merit / effect.
  • Embrace: May-14, Jun-14 - this is an obtuse bane; it's more on the effect of those embraced. The player Robert Brown should be commended for his wonderful RP enforcing this bane.
  • Fog of Ages: Mar-14, Apr-14 - no mechanical effect - story themes, see the NPC Edith.
  • Low Humanity: Jan-14, Feb-14 - kindred are treated as if they were two lower humanity than otherwise.  Powers which can augment that function.
  • Diablerie: Nov-13, Dec-13 - opportunity for sanctioned diablerie (this bane was not terribly effective in play)
  • Predator's Taint: Sep-13, Oct-13 - 1 on vitae pool pulls a random sample.  Predator's Taint tests are altered to be closer to tabletop for this period.
  • Feeding: Jul-13, Aug-13 - initial vitae test is halved, round up, hunting tests are halved round up.
  • None: Jun-13