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Senate Laws

Log of Laws passed by the Senate
  • These are clarified list of laws that were enacted in 1944, 1949, 2000 and 2002. 
    • Those who hold domain are granted the Right of Destruction over any tenants within their domain.
    • Those who hold domain are granted the Right of Progeny, and may grant that right to those within their domain but only if the sire is at least Ancillae (fifty (50) years post embrace).
      • Any Sire that violates the laws regarding the Right of Progeny forfeits her existence. At that time the child may choose to end her existence.
      • Should the Child choose to continue to exist, they are placed in torpor until taken into accounting by a member of their clan following the same steps to utilize the Right of Progeny.
      • Any such embraced childer is to be held under the Accounting of their Sire for no less than ten (10) years.
    • A majority vote of the whole of the combined Senate and Prisci Council may overrule any single decision of the President. (OOC: Eminence/Ascendence powers that influence votes have wide latitude here and may apply freely to any voter.)
    • The Senate affirmed the Constitution's text, specifically supporting the rights of Duchies, Earldoms and Marquisqates (Marches) to retain their previous Elysiums that had been negotiated with the former Praxis.
    • The Senate set the former praxis' King's highways (aka kingshighways) without alteration as a matter of Law. To wit, all throughways noted as part of the US Highway system that lie within the domain are part of the kingshighways. Such land, including 25 yards from the centerline are considered to be domain of no one, save the President and all are free to travel as long as the traditions and laws of the city are adhered to.
    • The Senate determined that only the clan shall determine their Priscus. The Senator shall be one of the prominent land holders of the domain from their covenant, from which the covenant shall solely decide.
    • The Senate has affirmed the right of the President to call bloodhunts and clarified that right into laws such that bloodhunts are not required to be announced publicly.
    • The Senate has set a law such the Sheriff has a limited Right of Destruction when protecting and enforcing the traditions at the direction of the President.
  • At the Inaugural Ball in 2014, the Senate passed a law that those who are unaligned are barred from seating on the Senate.
  • In May of 2014, the Senate passed a law that only citizens of Kansas City may hold domain, and only those who have been acknowledged in the city at least a year and a day. In cases of exceptional recent acknowledged citizens of the domain, the Senate may vote to make an individual exception.