The Wendat Constitution of Kansas City
  1. The Tenurial Domains of Kansas City agree to continue as a single domain, starting this 12th Night in 1944.
    1. The Wendat are extended thanks and gratitude for fostering the stability necessary to put the domain back to rights. 
  2. This constitutional government encompasses the domain of Kansas City extends to the same limits of the former Praxis of Kansas City as it was recognized in 1939.
    1. Future expansions to the domain are allowed.
  3. All regents of the tenurial domains that agree to support the Constitution signing in 1944 will have their rights and authority continued. Any regent that refused to support will not have that same assurance.
    1. The title of Duke and Dukedom were originally applied to former Praxis that were annexed, will remain in perpetuity.
      1. The Duke and Dukedom of the Wendat will be granted the right to revert to their original title of Regent and Regency and regardless retain their full rights as Duke and Duchy. (OOC: The Duke of Westport is the lowest ranked Duke. Not all areas are covered by Dukedoms - some are directly held by lower titles. Example: Duke of Kansas City. Duke of Leavenworth. Regent of the Wendat. Duke of Westport.)
      2. Dukes of the domain will retain their vassals and any existing tenants. All former agreements with the previous praxis that are recorded with the Harpies will continue, such as negotiated retention of Elysiums. 
      3. Dukes have the same right as a Senator to appoint a Hound.
    2. Earl and Marquis are reserved for former Princes annexed by those former praxes now recognized as Duchies.
      1. Earls of the domain will retain their vassals and any existing tenants. All former agreements with the previous praxis that are recorded with the Harpies will continue, such as negotiated retention of Elysiums. 
    3. Count and County are retained and continued to be honored in the domain.  (OOC: Count is a common title; the older parts of the city have smaller areas, but are more valuable typically. Count of Mission aka Comte de Mission).
      1. Their vassals and tenants are retained.
    4. Those Barons and Baronies are retained and continue to be honored in the domain (OOC: Baron is not uncommon title; this is an area comprising of at least three districts)
      1. Their tenants are retained. 
    5. Tenants are retained throughout the domain. (OOC: A Tenant is given one or more districts to reside in, sometimes a coterie will be given an area comparable to a Baron's to reside in and feed from. Please keep in mind that the minimum for a kindred to feed is a single district; two districts are best unless chances are being taken or unusual situations or powers are in use.)
  4. President
    1. The President is chosen for a ten year term, each successive tenth anniversary, at the 12th Night in January. 
      1. Any replacement in mid-term will serve out the remainder of the term.
    2. The President holds all powers to administrate the night to night tasks of maintaining the domain, save for those reserved elsewhere. 
    3. The President may grant tenurial rights from unorganized land in the domain. 
    4. The President is the sole authority for the bloodhunt within the domain.
    5. The President has the sole authority to negotiate as a domain with other domains. The Office of the President handles visitors to the city and may setup such requirements as she sees fit.
    6. The President shall have the sole authority to appoint or remove a Voice to communicate the President's decisions and to speak the President's words to the domain.  
    7. The President shall have the sole authority to appoint or remove a Master of Elysium to safeguard the Elysium maintained by the President. 
      1. The kindred of the domain are enjoined to protect and sanctify the Elysium and to follow the requirements set to maintain the Elysium.
      2. Those who arrange a meeting on Elysium are considered under its protection from where they start their travel to the Elysium, throughout their stay at the Elysium, to their travel from the Elysium until they end travel (OOC: This means don't stop for a snack on the way back after Elysium, as you've ended your travel by doing so. Clearance through domains to travel to the Elysium by rail lines has been pre-negotiated since the early 1900s. Other travel arrangements are a different question.)
    8. The President shall have the sole authority to appoint or remove a Sheriff to investigate any matter within the domain. Such a Sheriff has the authority to enter any part of the domain without leave or notice to perform her duties.
    9. The President shall have the sole authority to appoint or remove a Harpy to facilitate the commerce within the city.
    10. The President shall have the sole authority to appoint or remove a Chamberlain to maintain necessary records and information of the domain and provide any administrative function that the President requires. All acknowledged within the city should make certain the Chamberlain is properly aware of them.
      1. The Chamberlain records changes, and acts as of official record, of who sits in the Senate and Prisci Council. (OOC: The point when it is official when there is a new Priscus or Senator or Whip is when the Chamberlain is properly notified. If there is ever a question of who is supposed to be present for such meetings, the Chamberlain is consulted.}
  5. Senate
    1. Each of the five recognized covenants is guaranteed one seat in the Senate from among those that hold tenurial domain within the domain. (OOC: Ascendence/Eminence powers that influence the primogen influence instead the Senate.)
      1. Those who may sit in the Senate may not sit as part of the Prisci Council.
    2. The powers of the Senate are those listed here; any power not listed remains with the office of the President.
    3. The Senate has the power to enact, alter or remove a law of the domain with a majority of the whole.
      1. Such laws may not contradict or negate this constitution in whole or in part
      2. The Prisci Council has the authority to determine if a Law is therefore valid or invalid. (OOC: Proposing or supporting the passage of invalid law is likely considered scandalous by the Harpies and therefore be a status loss.}
    4. At the end of the term of the President, the Senate must vote to choose a President for the next term. If the Senate fails to achieve a majority of the whole to do so, the previous President shall serve another term.  Successfully doing so is a duty of the Senate to ensure a stable domain. (OOC: Each senator will lose one status to a minimum of 1 in that situation)
    5. If the office of the President is determined to be vacant by the Prisci Council, then the Senate must choose a President by majority of the whole {OOC: Each senator will lose one status to a minimum of 1 if they do not choose a new president in a reasonable amount of time.}
    6. The Senate, may without cause, replace a seating President with another kindred of the domain, with unanimous agreement.
    7. Each Senator may name a Hound for their own domains. Such a Hound, may, with the agreement of other tenurial domain holder, service those areas as well.
  6. Prisci
    1. Each of the five recognized clans is guaranteed one seat for their Priscus in the Prisci Council from acknowledged members of their clan within the domain.
      1. Those who may sit in the Prisci Council may not sit as part of the Senate.
    2. The Prisci, when sitting in Council, has the authority to sit as judge and jury for those accused by the Sheriff of committing crimes. A decision may be rendered by majority of the whole.
      1. The Prisci Council shall have the sole authority to appoint a Bailiff to run their court, and handle their docket.
      2. It is the duty of the Prisci Council that Justice is to be both thorough and swift, and both strong and fair. (OOC: Lengthy delays on handling cases is likely to be seen as scandalous by the Harpies.)
      3. When rendering judgment, the Prisci Council is explicitly given the authority to remove or reduce grants of tenurial domain.  Such removal or reduction may, at Prisci Council's wishes, be a temporary or permanent bar against regaining such rights or fraction of rights.
      4. The Prisci council may make decisions up to and including destruction and will use such laws of the domain to guide their judgements.
    3. The Prisci Council has the sole authority to appoint a Harpy of the People to act as the social conscience of the domain. {OOC: Leaving the city without a Prisci Harpy can be seen as not doing their jobs, and might be a status loss.}
    4. The Prisci Council can determine a law that the Senate has passed is unconstitutional, but only when they sit in Council as judge and jury regarding someone who has broken said law. {OOC:In other words, the only way the Prisci Council can decide that a law is unconstitutional is that someone has to put their head on the chopping block first. Chopping block in this case might even be literal.}
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